HYDROZOA, Stála expozícia Stana Filka v Stredoslovenskej galérii
Časť prvá: Ján Ballx, HOB

Autor prvej časti expozície: Ján Ballx
Vystavujúci umelci: Ján Ballx, Stano Filko
Kurátorka: Mira Keratová
Fotografie: Adam Šakový

Bethlenov dom, Dolná 8, Banská Bystrica
Trvanie: 21. marca – 3. júna 2018
Otvorenie: 20. marca 2018 o 17.00

“We consider life to be detached from death. The afterworld feels extraterrestrial. In a tomb we are underground and
all the other space is MIMO­ZEM­STAN (Extra­Terra­Tent). Besides that, there are more new dimensions and unattain­ able experience with the finitude of existence and infinity
of responsibility and even the opportunity for unconditio­
nal hospitality. I feel greatly honored to be a guest at the Central Slovakian Gallery, I am here, I invite Stano Filko and welcome him there. An artist who died but his art remains are also laid here, they can be seen and felt as being alive. Feeling the presence of the other is like a mirror illusion. This is confirmed, for example, by experiments with empathy, as well as children's dysortographic works. HOB is also BOH (GOD in English) seen in the face of the other; everything is reversed, even in a literally optical sense. We define our­ selves according to the other – inversely in the radical ethical (a)symmetry of the relationship toward the one in front of us; we want to put him up, we want to stay down. 72 is an em­ pathic projection of the host’s initials SF. In addition to other meanings, it is also the number of Babylonian languages, the number of names of God, the inner pentagram angle... some­ thing supernatural. To see means to feel. To keep in touch with the most basic way. Through the photons of reflected light rays, a newborn baby receives the image of the face
of his mother (the first person) as his beginning and a dying person closes his eyes – the gate at the end of the light, its tent (“stan” in Slovak) open from all sides.”

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