2020-04-10 Corona Creaturae:
Ballx / Kozerawski / Sit
paintings from my latest period: 2018-2020


Originally this was planed exhibition opening on state holiday Good Friday on site in Liptovsky Mikulas / Diera do sveta( Hole to the World) but ...it was closed as everything, relatively unexpectedly due to corona virus quarantine, we decided not to give up or close the project, instead we together opended to what was possible and faced it,
so I ex-hibited as body-physically contactless in-vitation to an entrance of my studio and outpatient office in Bratislava,
it was video-documented by Denis Kozerawski and photo-ilustrated by Peter Sit and the non happening physical opening was substituted by via-zoom video conference with all participants online, for the last part with possible participation there was not a sufficient feedback at end very interestingly which I consider feedback of absence and respect as needed boundary also to violent technological nature.

"Corona means in latin crown, understanding its fundamental main meaning - it is power symbol of dominating force and not only the virus who not alive not dead usurped this previously wide term since early 2020. We the humans consider ourselves creative creatures openly identified with such elements of power or at least we are strongly indoctrinated that we are the crowned above all and for survival also against all of us and others even more.

Historically here, locally last plaque in Bratislava was due to kings coronation( 1712). 300 years later, 2020-04-presently we are all coronated literally, differently by ourselves and we subjected to destroy our way of life as concretely closing / isolating, stopping a new wave of plaque - habits and rituals echo the past maybe not very different in quality than previous ones but in quantity obviously the most enormous - global - worldwide - planetary, placental cosmos consuming, exploiting between each other and everybody, dehumanizing in extreme through technological advancements is greater that previous bloody and physical wars of our overpopulated selves were imposing on us.

Not so differently we again do not know anything despite of all the advancement of the mighty science what is this really causing, is it bat-man relationship, is it our greed, mutations, countless boundary violations,... or some other shit, yes we will study the virus and epidemiology but maybe just to try to forget about deeper hypermassive core etiopathogenesis of the disease. The jewellery about our heads of the creatures so frightened of our own vulnerability and fragile life dependent on less fortunate others far far not so individual as it seemed in last centuries of brute industrialization and capitalization.

This is my perception and expression but it is not me only it is more the Other, the corona could be above head of the other, maybe it can be something shared, radical, felt, my paintings want to provide some epiphany not as my grandiose wish or humble sensitivity to it. It may be for now just felt as avoided. Ethical sensitivity. Crown of the creatures to protect, to take careful attitude to connection and abandoned intimate relationships."
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 1.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 3.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 2.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 5.png
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http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 6.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 8.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 7.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 10.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 9.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 12.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 13.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 14.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 32.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 31.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 29.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 24.png
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http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 22.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 20.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 19.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 16.png
http://jan.ballx.eu/files/gimgs/th-30_CC - 15.png